Client Feedback

“Stephen is great to work with. I was stuck getting my business growing and he helped me identify the problems and get focused on what I really need to accomplish to move forward. His coaching comes from his extensive business experience, and he really knows his stuff. If your business isn’t growing the way you want, talk to Stephen.”

-Phillip Theriault

“The one-on-one training that Stephen provides has been extremely beneficial in the development of my personal understanding of business strategies and helping to overcome obstacles that my company faces on a daily basis. Stephen is a very effective and insightful business coach.”

– Kim Karn

“Meeting with Stephen has put my life in the right direction. He has offered me the tools to get where I want to go ! I’ve enjoyed working with Stephen and look forward to each meeting with him. I have every confidence you will take me where I want to go in my professional and personal life! Thank you Stephen.”

-Kim Betournay

“In our first meeting, Stephen demonstrated meaningful insights into my program and helped me map out not only the direction to go, but the vehicles to use and what to expect along the way. At the end of our meeting, I had a clear set of do-able steps to take and the confidence to implement them. The next morning, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to actually get down and do them. I am already seeing results. All because Stephen has taken proven business and marketing strategies and translated them into realistic, my-world steps for my program. I cannot recommend him highly enough and am confident that Stephen will be as effective for you as he is for me.

– Anne McTavish

“Stephen reviewed a business plan that I am working on and provided very insightful advice that changed my direction significantly for the better. Stephen has many years of business expertise and is a person of high integrity who wants his clients to succeed and can deliver advice that will enhance any project.”

   -Albert Deslauriers

“Mr. Howell has been an effective part of Concept’s reason for success in development and lasting measures which are effectively ingrained in the business well after his departure. Continually challenging himself to provide value for his client is a true attributes and great differentiators to other consultants we have engaged in the past.”

-Paul Kroon

“Stephen’s insight into our business was an invaluable catalyst for creating the changes we knew we needed to make. Stephen was key in creating a strategic focus that positioned our business for the next growth stage. At the time of Stephen’s hire, we were in the process of evolving from an entrepreneurial small business to a mid-sized company in need of processes and structure that the old mindsets no longer served. Stephen’s influence in breaking down the old structure and creating the platforms for what at times was “painful” change is one of the main reasons we are poised for a successful future. I would recommend Stephen to anyone who’s business needs a “kick in the pants” to take it to the next level!”

-Shirley Schmold

“It was a great pleasure to work with such a strategic Manager as Stephen at Concept Group. Stephen had a great ability to find solutions to not only problems, but find improvements in existing processes increasing production on site and within the office environment. I found Stephen an incredible listener and mentor that were prepared to take on my ideas and provide advice when needed never in a condescending way. If I have the opportunity to work with Stephen again it would be my honour. Thanks.”

-Russell Cook

“I was fortunate to work with Steve for 4 years at Test Technology. Steve was our ‘business junkie’. He was the guy everyone went to for advice on strategic and tactical issues and he always delivered. He has a unique ability to convert complex business challenges into manageable tasks that are clearly understood and executed. Steve can be an asset to any company looking to find the most optimal path to achieve their goals.”

-Marty Walsh

“Steve was key to all new programs and launches of new products and services. He was highly innovative in finding services and products that connected to the customer, and actually resolved their problems. His active listening and conceptual skills allowed him to meet with any customer, listen to the issues, and come up with customer-pleasing programs, and in each case, one that brought our company new benefits. His operational and financials skills allowed him to operate well with all customer segments. He was also instrumental in shaping the operational components to be ready for the new product or service coming our way.”

-Vance Riley

“I had the pleasure to work with Steve when we were in the finance organization at Nortel Networks. Steve was the Controller at the Nashville, TN site that provided operational support for my business unit on top of performing the operational activities for his own business. Steve was always able to meet or exceed my expectations with his ability to connect the numbers to the business to tell the story. He was able to provide sound explanations and provide guidance based on his great depth of experience and understanding of the financial and accounting principles as few can.”

  -Jeff Volz