Change Management

Change management guides how we plan, prepare, equip, and support individuals to successfully initiate change initiatives to drive organizational success and desired business outcomes.

Successful change management is an elusive goal as so much has to be done right. Many organizations have ambitions but they lack the implementation discipline to realize the desired business outcomes.

“Ambition becomes Accomplishment only with clear definition, a detailed plan and with true organizational commitment and discipline.”

In my experience the #1 reason change initiatives fail is lack of alignment/commitment to the change. Many employees see top-down change driven as a management initiative and not a business necessity. This occurs because the change is not well understood, communicated, or supported and resorts in low buy-in.

Employee buy-in to a change initiative is not a nice to have, but an essential ingredient. For employees to buy-in, they need to feel inspired and committed to the change.

“Nothing will kill a change initiative more than business as usual”

Change is about choices. Do I do this or do I do that? If the business effort is not realigned/refocused it will always go back to the way it is because there isn’t time to do anything else. Successful change requires the organization to eliminate time spent on low value or priority items and reallocated to support the transition effort need to realize the change.

Horizon Executive works with your organization to help manage change initiatives from Ambition through Accomplishment. We guide your organizations through how to plan, prepare, equip, and support individuals to successfully initiate change initiatives. Contact us and ask for a complimentary no-obligation meet and greet to discuss how we can assist your organization prepare and execute your business initiatives.

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