Leadership Development

When people work hard and contribute to their organization’s success they often get promoted to  the role of a manager or leader. Other times an individual may have grown their business from the ground up, and as such been thrust into the senior leadership position or even the CEO role. However they got there, they may feel unprepared or prove ineffective.

Being a good leader is not necessarily a natural skill bestowed on individuals at birth. While leadership can be learned by trial and error there is a better way. Learning from an Executive Business Coach makes the journey much more productive and supportive. At Horizon we conduct a leadership skills evaluation which we review with you and jointly set a customized learning journey.

This journey involves one on one sessions and will include specific skills development, pertinent article review, suggested reading, and the thorough understanding of leadership best practices. Also included is role-playing, situation analysis and major event planning.

As a leader you want to be at your best and be successful in your role. Leadership is a huge responsibility and having the skills to excel is invalueable to your organizations bottom line, your staff and peers, and your future career growth.